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I worked as a photo agent for an international collective of photographers who shared a passion for creating compelling and thought-provoking images. Connected Archives is a modern photography agency and licensing platform that advocates for creativity, fresh perspectives, and unique storytelling. Connected Archives helps brands as well editorials to share their narratives with genuinely authentic and captivating creative content.
My responsibilities included managing artist relationships, licensing images, curating online galleries, creating newsletters, handling bookkeeping, and negotiating contracts.

Photographed by Evelyn Freya, David Avazzadeh, Marco Argüello

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Photographed by Alex Crétey Systermans

Daniel Gebhardt Koekkoek

Photo Agent/Editor
Diana Decker

Diana Decker is the Director of Photography at Philosophie magazine in Germany. She also works as a freelance photo editor for DIE ZEIT, Der Freitag and Studio Stauss. Her specialization lies in contemporary and poetic photography, with a strong focus on the editorial field. She has a deep appreciation for working with images.
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