der Freitag

[02/2023]  Gerechtigkeit ist ungerecht — Photographed by Philotheus Nisch

der Freitag 
[15/2022]  “Franzosen wollen Leader” — Photographed by Florian Thoss 

[47/2022]  Inflationspanik hilft nicht — Photographed by Philotheus Nisch

[38/2021]   A–Z Bar — Photographed by Marc Krause/Connected Archives

[08/2023]  A–Z Berlin Alternativen — Photographed by Marcus Glahn

[41/2022]  Teenies gegen Omas — Photographed by Nikita Dembinski

[38/2021]  Saniert, bereinigt —  Photographed by Clara Nebeling/Connected Archives 

[43/2022]  Eine Perle der Natur — Photographed by Nadia Morozewicz

Art Direction & Design
Lisa Kolbe, Christian Bobsien, Susann Massute, Felix Velasco

Photo Editors
Niklas Rock, Ann-Kristin Ziegler

Freelance Photo Editor
Diana Decker
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Diana Decker is the Director of Photography at Philosophie magazine in Germany. She also works as a freelance photo editor for DIE ZEIT, Der Freitag and Studio Stauss. Her specialization lies in contemporary and poetic photography, with a strong focus on the editorial field. She has a deep appreciation for working with images.
  +49 (0) 17680137892

  Based in Berlin, Germany

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